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The truth about homeopathy
By Dr S V Bulatov - registered homeopath

Homeopathic medicine has been in existence for more than 200 years. It is a complete scientific healing system. It is totally opposite to allopathic medicine. It is based on the law of quantum physics (one quant of the right energy balances the whole system), vital force, secondary reaction, like cure like (similimum), organon, materia medica, repertory, provings, holistic philosophy of health and disease, etc. It is highly effective in treating acute and chronic mental, emotional and physical conditions. It works equally well in plants, animals and humans. It has been used with a great success in flu, cholera, malaria and other epidemics.

The founder of homeopathy was Dr Samuel Hahnemann. He was not happy with the treatment protocol of allopathic medicine. He started diluting an extract of cinchona tree bark and checking whether it will still keep its effect (curing malaria). He found that after a specific dilution (potency) it loses its effectiveness. Then he had an insight to bang (sucuss) the bottle. That activated the remedy. He started to apply this principle to other substances.

Then he gave a new diluted substance to healthy male and female volunteers. The potency was 6C, 12C and 30C given once or a few times. All volunteers were asked to observe and record in great detail all mental, emotional and physical symptoms that they would experience during the next 2-4 weeks. This is called proving. It is done in the same way even now. All homeopathic remedies were proved on humans, not animals! Then all symptoms were summarized by intensity and frequency and written down (materia medica of the remedy. The remedy was able to cure the same symptoms in sick individuals that it has produced in healthy individuals (like cure like).

The homeopathic remedy creates an energetic artificial disease, very similar but much stronger than real one. This challenges the vital force to restore the balance. The artificial disease is cured together with the real one. This happens because of the unfailing secondary reaction of the vital force. The body has a primary and secondary reaction. The primary reaction of the body is due to physical and chemical characteristics of the substance. For an example, holding a hand in a hot water will make it warm (primary reaction). The body will counteract that with cooling the hand afterwards (secondary reaction). The primary reaction is not curative! Only the secondary reaction is curative. This is the vital force’s effort to preserve and restore the balance (homeostasis) in the body. Another example is an allopathic medicine. It suppresses the symptom due to its chemical structure (primary reaction). The side effects of the drug are the secondary reaction of the vital force. Allopathic drugs fail to cure. They only suppress the symptoms and cause chronicity. There are three main dilutions in homeopathy:

  1. Decimal (1:10) - D, X
  2. Centesimal (1:100) - C
  3. Millesimal - (1:1000) - M
All dilutions are done from a mother tincture or triturated substance. All tissue salts are in D6 dilution. The homeopath should be an “unprejudiced observer” as Hahnemann wrote in the Organon. It takes 1-2 hours for a proper homeopathic interview. The homeopath will take the case allowing the patient to explain his symptoms. The first few minutes are the most important. If the homeopath listens carefully he will be able to understand the central delusion, the wound, the wall, the mask, the totality of the symptoms and prescribe the similimum (the only remedy that matches thoroughly the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of the patient). The homeopath “translates” the symptoms into the “language” of the repertory (a reference book with all mental, emotional and physical symptoms of mankind grouped in sections). He then chooses 3-5 remedies that cover closely the patient’s complaints. Materia medica is consulted for a differential diagnosis and the similimum is chosen.

The correct homeopathic remedy is taken in a liquid or granules, globules, pillules and tablets from milk sugar under or on the tongue 15 min before meal once off, few times a day or every few minutes according to the severity of the symptoms. The remedy might be given through the nose, ears, eyes, vagina, rectum, rubbed on the skin, etc. The body responds within a few seconds to the right remedy in acute conditions. The more serious the condition, the faster is the response. The chronic cases take days, weeks or months to respond to the correct homeopathic remedy.

The only way that body heals itself is through producing a healing crisis(an acute reaction brought on by strengthening of the vital force) . These are old suppressed symptoms coming back to be healed. The body undergoes a reversal process. The toxins and old tissues are excreted through the lungs, skin, kidneys, colon and lymphatic system. The new tissues are built from the stem cells released from the bone marrow. The reversal process follows Herring´s law of cure: all healing starts from head down, from inside out and in reverse order of symptoms appearance. The follow up session will be 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks later. In some cases every 3-6 months. Then the case will be re-assessed and depending on findings a new remedy will be prescribed or the patient will wait and continue to improve on its own. Homeopathic remedies eradicate the cellular memories of psora (all suppressed skin diseases), syphilis and gonorrhea. These were called miasms (stains) by Hahnemann. New miasms were identified by other homeopaths later. These are tuberculosis, cancer, malaria, leprosy, HIV, yellow fever, bird/swine flu, etc. Any epidemic disease could create a miasm. The miasms cause a relapse of the disease symptoms. No person can be permanently healed and balanced if they are active. Once removed there is no obstruction for complete healing. The antibiotics destroy the microorganisms causing gonorrhea and syphilis but they do not remove the cellular memories left behind! Homeopathy is an energy medicine, not a placebo. The cellular membranes have specific proteins that are 100 times more sensitive to energy signals than to hormones and neurotransmitters. That is why a correct homeopathic remedy can stimulate a cascade of biochemical reactions in the cell within a few minutes. This will restore the homeostasis. Homeopathic remedies do not cause side effects unlike allopathic medicines. However if a high potency of a remedy that is not indicated is given too often and for too long it might create new symptoms that will constitute an artificial disease. Many bacteria have built a resistance to antibiotics in the last 20 years. They become cell wall deficient (CWD) forms and create bio film as a survival mechanism. The antibiotics cannot destroy CWD forms and bio film. No microorganism is able to build a resistance to homeopathic remedies. That is why homeopathy is very effective in acute and chronic viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections that are not cured by the latest generation of antibiotics even in 21st century.