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By Dr S V Bulatov - registered homeopath

Goal: To prevent absenteeism, sick leaves, interpersonal conflicts, injuries and diseases amongst executives and employees at work place by implementing the latest advanced developments in holistic medicine.

Expected results: Increased focus, concentration, vibrant health, spirit of unconditional love, creativity and productivity at work place.

Diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic methods:

  1. Faith and trust in Yahweh and Yahshua, prayer, fasting, anointing, reading the Bible, forgiveness, thinking, talking and acting in unconditional love daily.
  2. Iridology/LBA/B.E.S.T./ImuPro/DNAlysis/pathology tests.
  3. O3FIRR.
  4. Homeopathic/Bach remedies.
  5. African herbal medicine.
  6. Aromatherapy.
  7. Sound and color therapy.
  8. Magnetic, electromagnetic, scalar, Milar hologram and orgone energy devices.
  9. Metabolic typing.
  10. Reflexology.
  11. Acupuncture.
  12. Cupping.
  13. Cranio - sacral therapy.
  14. Osteopathy.
  15. Chiropractics.
  16. Postural integration.
  17. Quantum leap bodywork.
  18. Hugging policy.
  19. Six agreements:
    1. Be impeccable with your word;
    2. Do not take anything personally;
    3. Do not make assumptions;
    4. Do always your best;
    5. Be skeptical but learn to listen;


  1. Servicing air conditioners every1 - 3 months and using anti - mould spray afterwards. Device for measuring the concentration of indoor mould spores.
  2. Maintaining spotless hygiene in the kitchen and toilets.
  3. Installing reverse osmosis ozonated water purifiers at work place. Discontinuing supplying of water in plastic containers.
  4. Installing ozonators and salt lamps for air purification at work place.
  5. Placing orgonite devices for cleansing and balancing the energy flow at work place.
  6. Applying fung shui principles to ensure a free energy flow.
  7. Painting the walls in colors that are therapeutic.
  8. Healing music as a background.
  9. Regular gatherings with music, singing and dancing.
  10. Various exercises at work place.
  11. Integrating individualized eating plans according to the occupational hazards.
  12. Creating kitchens and canteens to meet the requirements.
  13. Using cost effective supplements for prevention and healing.
  14. Regular de-worming with highly effective herbal medicines.
  15. Identifying people with gluten and dairy sensitivity/intolerance and supplying gluten free products at work place.
  16. Identifying viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections on time.
  17. Preventing neuropsychiatric disorders.
  18. Six monthly dental appointments, replacing amalgam fillings with white composite material, removing teeth with root canals, rotten roots, using non fluoride toothpastes/mouthwashes and daily flossing.
  19. Regular health talks.
  20. Effective programs for quitting addictions (smoking, drinking, drugs, pornography, etc.).
  21. Wellness days every 3 months.