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By Dr S V Bulatov - registered homeopath

  1. The human body is made in Elohim’s image and therefore is holy. The spirit from Yahweh enters the embryo at conception and creates the soul. Man is a combination of spirit, soul and body. The Holy Spirit enters the body when the person invites/allows/receives It and It lives in harmony with the spirit. When the person dies the spirit goes back to Yahweh, the Holy Spirit leaves, the soul dies and the body returns to earth and becomes dust.
  2. All thoughts, words and actions of every person who has lived, lives and will live on Earth would be recorded in the Book of Life and kept till the first and second resurrection.
  3. The ONLY NAME appointed by Yahweh and fulfilling the prophesy to redeem Israelites and all other nations for eternity and for forgiveness of sins is the Word, Yahshua, the begotten Son of Yahweh, Prince of Peace, King of kings, Aleph/Tav, Alpha and Omega. By accepting the blood sacrifice of Yahshua that has cancelled animal sacrifices forever we join in the covenant of Yahweh made ONLY with Israelites and land of Israel. Through faith, baptism, guidance by the Holy Spirit, keeping the commandments, Sabbath and Holy Days, accepting His grace and thinking, talking and acting in unconditional love we will be resurrected for eternal life after our physical death. Only those that are called by Yahweh in their lifetime will understand the message and accept Yahshua. The rest will continue to believe that the law of cause and effect (karma) is the only one that is valid. They will be given the last and final chance to see Yahshua descending from heaven on the Mount of Olives and reigning in glory for 1000 years on Earth from Jerusalem. All the nations will follow His commandments, keep the Sabbath and the Holy Days and come to worship Him in Jerusalem. After that the New Jerusalem will descend from heaven and Yahweh will live in it with His people forever.
  4. The spiritual body is governed by the spirit, the Holy Spirit, conscience and intuition and the natural body is governed by the soul (instincts, emotions, feelings, unconscious, subconscious, conscious, superconscious mind, vital force, toroid field, qi, electromagnetic field, aura, meridians, light pathways, etc.). The natural body should be submitted to the spiritual body at all times in order all spiritual obstructions, mental diseases, emotional traumas and physical symptoms to be permanently removed. Any therapy dealing with the soul would only achieve a temporary short healing and continuous different manifestations of the soul’s turmoil.
  5. The body is electromagnetic. It has 4 main energy generators: the heart (SA node in the right atrium generates impulses detected with ECG and the soul generates a diffuse toroid field 4–5 meters wide detected with latest electronic devices), the brain (generates 4 types of brain waves detected with EEG), the sexual energy centres (generate a flow that could be raised from sacrum to vertex) and the muscles (generate contractions detected with EMG). The superimposed frequencies create infinitely powerful resonance that enables the body to vibrate at the unimaginable frequency of 570 000 000 000 000 Hz.
  6. The body has portals for sending information out and receiving energy signals for self regulation like skin, hair, eyes, ears, tongue, nose, face, palms, soles, meridian points, etc. Many insights are gathered through observation of these portals. Specific stimulation brings the harmony and balance back.
  7. Destructive negative cellular memories from mental, emotional and physical trauma are kept not only in the brain but in every cell of the body. Their removal is essential for vibrant health. This is achieved with prayer, Holy Spirit intercession, meditation, homeopathic/Bach/flower/gem remedies, colours, sounds, breathing exercises, structured/magnetised water, intent of unconditional love and various touch techniques, etc.
  8. Any form of emotional/physical/sexual/drug/alcohol abuse would cause atrophy in different degree of the hippocampus, thalamus, hypothalamus, corpus callosum, amygdaloid complex and cortex of the brain.
  9. Any form of emotional/sexual/physical abuse/head injury would cause a TLE in a different degree. Stopping all artificial hormones/stimulants, maintaining stable blood sugar, sacred sexual expression and using progesterone crème for 6–12 months would ensure a complete healing.
  10. The chest and abdominal organs are formed from primary gut during the embryonic development. The primary gut becomes an oesophagus, stomach, duodenum, small and large intestine in the foetus. All organs remain connected for life via the spinal nerves, sympathetic ganglions and vagal nerve to the part that they were derived from. This is a phenomenon directly observed in the iris of the eye. It was called a nerve arc reflex by Dr Bernard Jensen who discovered it in 1929.
  11. The skull bones and cerebrospinal fluid pulsate slower independently from the heart beat. They create a normal cranio–sacral flow together with the spine and sacrum. Any form of emotional/physical trauma of the body affects this flow. Cranio sacral therapy is the best modality to bring the balance back.
  12. Life is in the blood. Keeping blood clean, alkaline, oxygenated and nourished ensures optimal level of health.
  13. All people have a different combination of their metabolic type, microbiological terrain and enemies to health. Matching it with an individualised eating plan, homeopathic/Bach remedies, supplements, exercise, body therapies and lifestyle change leads to a radical transformation in 2–3 weeks.
  14. The epigenetics are more important than the genetics. Environment and lifestyle determine the gene expression. Various disease dispositions could be prevented or slowed down with an individualized healthy lifestyle.
  15. Ageing could be slowed down with herbal extracts that increase the activity of the enzyme telomerase in the nucleus of the cells. It prevents shortening of the telomeres of the chromosomes.
  16. The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind. Not every disease has its origin in the mind. An infection (Lyme disease, syphilis, gonorrhea, tick bite fever, Q fever, malaria, EBV, Coxsackie B, HIV, injury, operation, blood transfusion, organ transplant, heavy metals, food poisoning, gluten/dairy intolerance, digestive problems, etc.) can affect the mind very profoundly. On the other hand an unresolved mental and emotional trauma can be somatised in the body. The healing approach would be completely different.
  17. The least effort creates the biggest ripple effect. The cellular membranes are 100 times more susceptible to prayer, Holy Spirit, energy signals, homeopathic/Bach remedies, etc. than material substances like hormones, neurotransmitters, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, herbal compounds and drugs. That is why faith, prayer, energy medicine create instant changes in the body.
  18. About 80% of all diseases are chronic. A radical lifestyle change is required in order to heal and restore the damaged tissue or organ. A month of healing is necessary for a year of suffering.
  19. . Every disease goes through 1 to 3 stages:
    1. constitutional (mild) – genetics, epigenetics, metabolic types, subtypes, dispositions, tendencies, intolerances, allergies, temporary imbalances, metabolic type diet, prevention, few weeks treatment, easily reversible.
    2. microbial (moderate) – virus, bacterium, fungus, parasite or mixed, acidic or alkaline diet, anti – bacterial and anti – fungal diet, few months treatment, reversible.
    3. neurotoxic (severe) – neurotoxic syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric disorders, amylose free diet, questran lite, vitamin C flush, glutathione push, few years treatment, difficult to reverse.
  20. No disease could be cured unless the spiritual obstruction (demons, witchcraft, curse, sin, bondage, blockage, etc.) and electromagnetic radiation/geopathic stress is removed and neutralized.
  21. The body always heals according to Herring’s law of cure – from inside out (from digestive system towards the rest of the body systems, stomach and intestines heal first and the skin heals last), from head down (mental and emotional level improve first followed by the physical level; head and brain heal first and feet heal last) and in a reverse order (the last symptom re–appears first and the first symptom re–appears last) of symptoms’ appearance.
  22. The body’s only curative reaction is the healing crisis – an acute reaction brought on by strengthening of the vital force. It normally lasts for 1 to 3 days, sometimes up to 7 days. The healing crisis restores the balance on mental, emotional and physical level.
  23. The stronger the genetics (a dense iris structure) of the individual, the more intense and shorter the healing crisis would be. The more delicate the genetics (a porous iris structure) of the individual, the less intense and longer the healing crisis would be.
  24. The person will experience a Herxheimer reaction when there is a die off of bacteria after an antibiotic or holistic treatment.
  25. Only the secondary reaction of the vital force is healing. For an example, a hand in cold water becomes gradually cold due to the tempreture of the water (primary reaction). It is warmed up gradually by the body’s vital force (secondary reaction) through dilation of the blood vessels and speeding up the circulation. All drug side effects are due to the secondary reaction of the vital force.
  26. Any acute disease requires concentrated nutrients and homeopathic remedies in low potencies given frequently.
  27. Any sub acute, chronic and degenerative disease requires diluted nutrients and homeopathic remedies in high potencies given infrequently.
  28. The speed of regeneration of the damaged tissues is determined by a continuous release of stem cells from the bone marrow according to the degree of degeneration for a few weeks or a few months. This could be enhanced with herbal and other extracts.
  29. The speed of elimination of the degenerative tissues depends on the efficiency of the elimination channels: colon, liver, spleen, kidney, lungs, lymph, blood and skin. It would take a few weeks to a few months.
  30. Everyone forms cancer cells that the immune system destroys daily. When the immune system is weakened by distress, chronic infection/inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, lack of pancreatic digestive enzymes, acidity, under oxygenation, parasites, heavy metals, prescription/recreational drugs, EMR, geopathic stress, negative cellular memories, demons, witchcraft, curse, etc., the cancer growth becomes uncontrollable.
  31. Only the cancer cells contain CYP1B1 enzyme. It metabolises all salvestrols from fruits and vegetables into powerful compounds that destroy the cancer cells. All red fruits and green vegetables are very rich in salvestrols.
  32. The cancer is caused by multilevel and multi–systemic dysregulation of the mechanisms preventing it. The effective healing depends on multilevel and multi–systemic regulation of these mechanisms through prayer, fasting, anointing, Holy Spirit, meditation, listening to sacred sounds, using colours, removing witchcraft, releasing negative cellular memories, expressing of all suppressed emotions, breathing fresh air, drinking structured water with fresh lemon juice, freshly squeezed vegetable juices, sound sleep, rest, sacred sex, anti–cancer diet and supplements based on anabolic/catabolic state, homeopathic remedies in "plussing" method, Chinese medicines, ukrain, katraps, bicarbonate of soda, oxygen therapies, vitamin C, B17, neutralising geopathic stress and EMR, restoring pancreatic enzymes secretion, eradicating viral, bacterial, fungal infections, liver fluke, insulin resistance, diabetes, eliminating heavy metals, removing root canals, stopping fluoride, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, gluten, dairy, meat, chicken, fish, soy, sugar, vinegar, carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners, artificial hormones, flying, replacing naphthalene with natural herbs, regular exercise, etc.
  33. The heart is one of the organs that does not develop cancer (except for myxoma benign tumor and sarcoma malignant tumor extremely rarely) because it is the seat of the spirit, the 2 powerful energy fields, continuous motion and the most oxygenated blood in the coronary arteries delivered to the heart muscle with every beat.
  34. The hair and nails (very rarely melanoma under the nail) are the other parts of the body that do not develop cancer due to their high silicon (natural scalpel) content and constant flow of energy as an antenna and transmitter.
  35. The cornea, lens and iris (very rarely melanoma) also do not develop cancer due to a constant light flow and active micro circulation.