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By Dr S V Bulatov - registered homeopath

Moulds are very ancient microscopic fungi that live on plant, animal and inorganic matter. They are made of many cells unlike one celled bacteria. Moulds have branches and roots that are like very thin threads. They penetrate foods deeply. Moulds are found virtually in every environment. All of them produce spores. Their size is less than 4 microns. There are more than 100 000 mould species.

They are transmitted by air, water, food, insects, animals and humans. Mould starts to grow and spread 24 to 48 hours after water damage. The lungs can take in more than 700 000 spores in one minute.

Any exposure to damp house/cellar, thatch roof, damp office, damp school, damp hospital, damp holiday place, damp gym, sauna, mineral bath, damp car, damp bus, damp taxi, old floors, old kitchens, antique shops, moldy foods, moldy fridge, air conditioners, frequent flying, etc. will increase the risk of infection. Even an exposure for a few hours could lead to severe health damage for life.

Builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, shop fitters, road workers, farmers, mill workers, bakers, dairymen, wine makers, furniture repairers, clothing factories workers, miners, pilots, air hostesses, rescue workers, firemen, geologists, archeologists, speleologists, climbers, forensic doctors, pathologists, workers in mortuaries, smokers, drinkers, drug addicts, etc. are exposed to different moulds regularly. They should take extra safety measures at all times!

The mould could be transmitted in its primitive form during conception. The child will develop it into full infection if there is high acidity and low oxygenation due to lack of breastfeeding, formula, bad eating habits, continuous stress or being sympathetic metabolic type and fast oxidizer. When the spores are inhaled the nose, sinuses, ears and lungs are affected first. Then the intestines and kidneys start suffering. The mould then progresses to the muscles and bones. It can affect the brain, heart, pancreas, spleen, liver, ovaries, testes, uterus and prostate as well. Each mould produces different mycotoxins. They are very toxic substances. There are more than 300 kinds of mycotoxins. Mycotoxins damage cellular membranes and interrupt protein, RNA and DNA synthesis. About 25% of the world’s food crops are affected by mycotoxins. Aflatoxins are the most common. They are mostly found in corn and peanuts.

The mycotoxins cause the following symptoms: respiratory distress, coughing, sneezing, sinusitis, severe acne, dark brown or black marks on the skin, thick yellow finger/toenails with black marks, thick, yellow, rough or cracked palms and soles, difficult swallowing, choking, vomiting phlegm, excessive gas, fibromyalgia, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, burning in the throat and lungs (often misdiagnosed as acid reflux), asthma, IBS, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pains, bladder, kidney, liver or spleen pain, liver fibrosis, dark foamy urine, dirt-like taste in the mouth, coated tongue, bad mouth and body odor, bleeding/pussy/receding gums, smelly armpits and feet, food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, altered immunity, memory loss, brain fog, slurred speech, dementia, vision problems, macular degeneration, swollen lymph glands, large boils on the neck, thyroid problems, hypertrophy of the breasts, headaches, anxiety, depression, confusion, heart palpitations, extremely high blood pressure, extremely high cholesterol and triglycerides, ear noises, dizziness, disturbed balance, chronic fatigue, face flushing, numbness and twitching in face and limbs, night sweats and hot flushes (often misdiagnosed as menopausal symptoms), excessive sweating, heat and humidity intolerance, multiple chemical sensitivities, nose bleeds, acute pulmonary haemorrhage in infants, easy bruising, itch, rashes, hives, changes in menstrual cycle, infertility, miscarriages, birth defects, premature labor, weight fluctuations without dietary changes, overweight (fasting, detox, diets or slimming supplements do not work), cancer, hair loss, joint/muscle stiffness and pain, heart attack, stroke, seizures, jerking in extremities, paralysis, liver and bone necrosis, endemic nephropathy and death in extreme cases.

N.B. Any stress will increase the acidity and lower the oxygenation. This will stimulate the mould overgrowth.

N.B. The mould overgrowth is the last stage of HIV and TB infection. That is the cause of death. Anti-mould diet should be followed lifetime in AIDS cases. Anti-mould diet should be followed for a few years in the last stage of TB cases.

N.B. All diabetics have a mould overgrowth because of high blood sugar, high acidity and lowered immunity. They should follow an anti-mould diet for a few years till cured.

N.B. Intravenous heroin users can be affected by aflatoxin from samples of heroin on sale. It bypasses the detoxifying mechanisms of the liver and results in direct systemic exposure.

N.B. Check your house, fridge, work, school, hospital, holiday place and car for green, brown, gray or black mould. Scrub it using glasses and a mask. Apply antiseptic solution. Paint the surface.

N.B. Service the air conditioner in the house, office, school, hospital and car every 1 - 3 months. Always use anti-mould spray afterwards.

N.B. Use a dehumidifier and fans to dry up excessive humidity if you live in humid area or at the coast.

N.B. Penicillin antibiotics are extremely dangerous for a person with a mould infection. The reaction to them could be fatal!

N.B. There is no law governing the indoor air quality for moulds anywhere in the world.

N.B. Persistent mould infection not responding to the treatment is often caused by chronic Lyme disease!

N.B. Many people think that taking antifungal drug will kill the infection. That is not possible because the terrain will remain the same! These people are not prepared to follow the diet and are looking for a quick fix. The antifungal drugs have the following side effects: headaches, dizziness, nausea, stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea, change in taste, severe allergic reactions, yellow scleras and skin, liver damage, etc.

Anti - mold diet is the best preventive and healing solution for overweight, infertility, insulin resistance, PCOS, addictions, facial and body skin pigmentation, acne, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, toenail fungus, cracked heels, nosebleeds, easy bruising, mouth and body odor, hot flushes, excessive phlegm, excessive gas, excessive sweating, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes type 2, gangrene, sinusitis, chronic cough, asthma, gum disease, fibromyalgia, macular degeneration, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart attack, stroke, cancer, TB, chronic Lyme disease and HIV/AIDS.